Sunday, March 1, 2009

Web Development Part 2

In Part 1 I closed with the rather obvious observation that the market for property-related web sites had drastically shrunk in the last 18 months. Shrunk, but not completely disappeared, because the motivations that drove the boom in overseas property purchase haven't gone away, just the degree to which we can afford to indulge them.

People still want to find a warmer/ cheaper/ more vibrant/ more diverse environment for retirement, for extended holidays, for a place for their home-based business. As we sink ever deeper into this economic morass the 'cheaper' motivation will of course be uppermost, and so I believe that more and more people from the UK and the US will look overseas for retirement options that offer a lower cost of living. With retirement funds depleted and lower returns available on those funds, the choice will be to work on indefinitely (if indeed that choice is even available), or find somewhere that allows your money to keep you in an acceptable lifestyle.

So I believe that Places Compared has a future in serving that need. We'll see! Meanwhile the concept behind Places Compared has evolved into something larger, which I will write about later.

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