Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fighting the spam war

Random posting prompted by my (belated) discovery that hitting SHIFT-DELETE in Outlook permanently deletes an email - i.e. it doesn't sent it to the Deleted Items folder which you then have to permanently delete.

This is particularly handy for those of us who use SpamBayes to trap the flood of spam emails that come into our mailbox every day. SpamBayes puts Spam and Suspected Spam into a dedicated folder, but unlike Outlook's native Junk folder, you can't empty the Spam folder directly; you have to deleted items inside it, then later empty your Deleted Items folder. But with SHIFT-DELETE you can just highlight everything in the Spam folder and permanently delete everything in one step.

SpamBayes is a very clever piece of freeware that you train to recognize garbage, so it quickly becomes very effective at detecting spam.

I know, I know, it is sad that finding this stuff can make me happy.

And sorry, Marianne, although it will work for Macs and Gmail, there is no Mac installer, so you have to be a real geek to get SpamBayes installed.

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MIA said...

It's okay. Gmail is already clever enough to recognize all of my spam and put it straight into a "Spam" folder which then automatically deletes e-mails older than 30 days. No clogging up my memory quota here!